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Service hours

Tuesday through Sunday
to hrs.


MX$ 70.OO
Free admission: Students and teachers international ID card
Sundays: general free admission


(55) 8647 55 30:



Amigos del Museo de Arte Moderno

Friends of the MAM is a non-profit association aimed at generating consensus within the civil society in favor of art. The Friends of MAM contribute their time and enthusiasm in order to attract resources and create development initiatives that raise the levels of quality in services and programs of the museum.

Their employers are committed to making the MAM a cultural, educational and intellectual platform of the first order on the national scene, supporting the preservation of Mexican artistic heritage, cultural production and critical thinking. Founded in 1990, under the direction of Teresa del Conde, Amigos del MAM supports the mission and mandate of knowing the museum, supporting alliances and human and financial resources its role in Mexican society.

We thank Anna Alexandra and Walter Gruen for the donation of the Remedios Varo collection in memory of their daughter Isabel Gruen Varsoviano.

MAM volunteering brings together a range of multidisciplinary professionals, whose objective is to enrich the visitor's aesthetic experience by transmitting new ways of interpreting and stimulating their link with art.

The volunteers, in constant training, offer tours that give priority, not to the factual data of the artists and their works, but to an exploration of the hand of the visitor through critical dialogue, and eliminating the psychological or cultural barriers that suddenly obstruct the observation.

The tours are from Monday to Friday at 12:00 and 13:00 hrs. You can request a visit at other times on our phones and email.


Tel. 5286-4753


Outside of these hours, if you have any doubts during your visit you can resort to volunteering.

We invite you to join this team!

Volunteer Coordinator

María Ortiz


Silvia Zavala, Mara Mai, Oyuki Medina, Ethmida Cárdenas, Daniela Güemes, Ingrid Woller, Corina Vivanco, Juliana Eshraghi, Valeria Durán, Gaby Espinoza, Katty Rivapalacios, Laura Herrera, Maica Esquino, María Esther Franco, Maricarmen Lara.

Special events.

When you hold your event with us, in addition to enjoying the extraordinary spaces of the museum and its privileged location, your guests will have the opportunity to visit one of our exhibition halls.

Guadalupe Artigas de Ramos Cárdenas


Malú Montes de Oca de Heyman


Enrique Téllez Kuenzler

Vicepresidente Honorario

Paloma Muñoz-Seca Ariza

Presidenta Ejecutiva del Sector Juvenil


Eugenio López Alonso

June Lowell

José Pinto Mazal

María Esperanza Alanís Marín de Gámiz


Luis Méndez Jiménez

Héctor Armando Rocha

Jorge García de Presno

Andrea Césarman

Emilio Cabrero

Marco Coello

Corporate sponsorships

This program allows us to get closer and closer links with the business sector. By granting donations that add to our mission, the cultural capital of clients and business partners is enriched.